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前言 | Preface


自從華碩易電腦(Eee PC)一年前把全球第一部「網本」(Netbook)帶來世上以來,固態硬碟這門新技術便從不成熟的貴族玩意,以低容量低效率的切面引進尋常百姓家,成為一眾 Eee PC 和其他平價「網本」的預設儲存裝置。


Since the introduction of the world's first Netbook Asus Eee PC one year ago, the  immature-and-expensive-at-first Solid State Drives (SSD) had found its way to the cheap and developing Eee PC and netbook market by using chips of lower capacity and efficiency. 


使用固態硬碟的 Eee PC 型號,由於大多只具備 4GB - 32GB 的低容量的固態硬碟,可安裝的程式和可存放的檔案都比使用 80-160GB 硬碟版本的為少。不少用家遂自行購買 SDHC 卡進行容量補完;有部份有創意的網友更自行加裝 1.8 吋的 ZIF 界面硬碟機,甚至利用 ZIF-Compact Flash 轉接器和高容量的 Compact Flash 卡來「自製」固態硬碟


Most Eee PC w/SSD models usually equipped with 4GB - 32GB low capacity SSDs, and hence the number of applications and files they can store would be far less than those models that equipped with 80-160GB hard disk drives. Many users therefore would end up buying SDHC cards to expand their usable storage capacity. Some other creative users got their Eee PCs modified to fit a 1.8" ZIF hard diskdrive into their little machines, while some others even home-made their SSDs by using a ZIF-Compact Flash adapter and a high capacity Compact Flash card!



However, the above solutions aren't perfect:


  • SDHC 卡長插在機體內未嘗不可,不過目前主流的SDHC 卡最高只達 16GB;32GB 的縱使已經推出,但售價仍然高昂,在主流市場上也未找到達到 Class 6 速度 32GB SDHC 記憶卡。而且當有需要把其他記億卡拿來讀取的時候,我們要先把長插的記憶卡拔出來,實在不太方便。再加上把記憶卡長插在機體內,會使讀卡器長期運作,增加耗電,縮短可使用的時間。

    Even it is not impractical to have SDHC card staying inside the built-in card reader all the time, the largest SDHC card you can get in mainstream market is still a 16GB one. Although 32GB SDHC has been released recently, it is still expensive and it is still rare to find a 32GB SDHC card that is at least Class 6 is speed. Morever, when you need to read another SDHC card, you will always have to pull out the original card, which is quite troublesome sometimes. Staying a SDHC card inside the built-in card reader would also consume more power from the machine, and hence result in shorter usable battery life. 

  • 1.8 吋硬碟機目前價格尚算高昂,而且大多只有 4200 轉的速度,效率欠佳。部份 Eee PC 901 批次也沒有 ZIF 插位;即使有 ZIF 插位,安裝時也需要一些特別技巧才能把連接線插入,難度較高;況且改裝硬碟也喪失了抗震的原意,所以這方案只可淪為小眾玩意。

    While the price of 1.8" hard disk drives still remains at a very high level, most of these drives are only 4200rpm ones and that means they are considerably inefficent when compared to traditional 5400rpm notebook hard drives. ZIF slot is not found in some Eee PC 901 batches; even yours has got one, it still requires some advanced skills in order to insert the connection cable to the ZIF slot. Replacing your original SSD with a hard disk drive also sacrifices the anti-shocking advantages of SSDs. So after all, this could only be a hobbyist mod rather than a practical mod.

  • ZIF-Compact Flash 轉接卡配 Compact Flash 的方案勝在夠彈性,可隨意挑選市面上眾多的 Compact Flash 卡安裝;但其敗筆也是出於其高彈性,因為不同的 Compact Flash 卡在 Eee PC 上的兼容度都有所不同,而且轉接卡多由祖國的「山寨廠」出品,質素和數據傳送穩定性都不能保證;再加上 Compact Flash 的價錢普遍比 SDHC 還高,目前最高容量也只得 32GB,所以也不太划算。

    The ZIF-Compact Flash adapter + Compact Flash Card solution is flexible in terms of the wide range choices of CF cards in the market; however, the cons of this solution is also come from its flexibility. Different CF cards often suffer from compatibility problems with the Eee PC hardware, and what's worse, most ZIF-CF adpaters were manufactured by unknown factories in China. Their cheap price implied that their quality and the stability of data transfer are not guaranteed. Considering the fact that the maximum capacity of CF cards found in the market is 32GB only, and the fact that most CF cards still cost more than their SDHC equivalents, this solution is far from ideal.


由於部份 Eee PC 型號,包括 701 首批 7A 批號字頭的機種、702、900、900A、901 和 1000 都備有 Mini PCI-E 介面,而且有見 Eee PC 用家對儲存空間的需求十分殷切,不少廠商如 MyDigitalSSDBuffaloPatriotSuper Talent 等,都製作了 Mini PCI-E 介面的高容量固態硬碟,讓用家可輕鬆地自行升級。日前美國記憶體品牌 Super Talent 的香港代理引入了由該廠推出的 Eee PC Mini PCI-E 介面固態硬碟卡,以每 GB 價錢比 SDHC 更便宜的價格在本地市場發售,當中包括 8GB SLC/MLC、 16GB SLC/MLC、32GB SLC/MLC 和 64GB MLC 的型號。


Because some Eee PC models, such as the first batches of 701 (with "7A" prefix in their serial no.), 702, 900, 900A, 901 and 1000, come with built-in Mini PCI-E interface, and considering the fact that many Eee PC users would like to have more storage capacity in their little machines, many memory manufacturers such as MyDigitalSSD, Buffalo, Patriot and Super Talent have recently launched their own Mini PCI-E SSD card solutions for the Eee PC market.


Among these manufacturers, here in Hong Kong the distributor of the US-brand memory manufacturer Super Talent has recently imported the Super Talent Mini PCI-E SSD cards to the Hong Kong retail market in very competitive prices --- they are cheaper even than SDHC cards in terms of GB per dollar! Available models include 8GB SLC/MLC, 16GB SLC/MLC, 32GB SLC/MLC and 64GB MLC cards.


在得到網友的協助下,小妹以低於市價購入了一張 64GB MLC 固態硬碟。在這篇文章裡,我會為大家示範安裝此塊固態硬碟的過程,以及與大家分享一下此固態硬碟的效能測試結果。有興趣為 Eee PC 增加容量的朋友,記緊留意這篇全球首發的文章喔!emotion

With the help of net friends, I've bought in a 64GB MLC SSD card in a price even cheaper than the retail price. In this article, I will show you the installation procedure of this card and share with you the various performance test results of this SSD card. For those who are interested in boosting up your Eee PC storage capacity, please continue reading this world's first testing report of Super Talent 64GB MLC SSD for Asus Eee PC!


Da Da | 19th Nov 2008, 8:00 AM | 篇篇編程, 我的白 Eee 天使 | (5820 Reads)

簡介 | Introduction

〔2008/12/22 更新〕本軟件已有新版本,詳情請看這裡

[2008/12/22 Update] A newer version of this software is available. Click here for more information.

早前我發表過一篇文章,教大家到微軟網站下載 devcon 程式,自行製作簡易的裝置開關連結。雖然這方法製作出來的捷徑的確很方便,但開動裝置一個捷徑,關閉裝置又一個捷徑,開關一個裝置就要用上兩個捷徑,有點不太美觀;而且亦有網友亦反映以上方法製作過程比較繁複。emotion 有見及此,我用了兩晚時間寫了一支小程式,以開關前後機器可使用時間可長達半小時差異的「食電怪」SDHC 讀卡機來做例子(也可設定控制其他硬件的開關),示範如何利用 Eee PC 901/904/1000(H) 鍵盤上端的第四粒快捷鍵,根據裝置的目前狀態來自動選擇開關有關裝置。實際效果,可參考下面的無聲片段。


A few months ago I've posted an article that describes how to turn on and off hardware devices of your Eee PC by downloading the devcon utility from Microsoft website and creating customized Windows shortcut files. Although the shortcut files are quite handy, turning on and off one device would require two shortcut files. Some friends also mentioned that the processes to create those shortcuts are quite complicated and time-consuming. emotion Therefore I've spent two nights coding and came out with a little utility that lets you switch on / off a specific hardware device according to current device status by pressing the fourth instant key of your Eee PC 901/904/1000(H) just once! Here I'm using the power-hungry SDHC reader as an example, but you can always change the settings to cope with other hardware devices as well. See the silent video below for a live demo of the feature.





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